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These are select examples of the type of work I do. I have often been in a position with smaller companies/startups to serve roles as the usability researcher, user experience/UI designer and creative director for the overall brand. I was lucky enough in one role as UE Manager to build a usability lab, so I also have formal and informal user testing experience. Some of these links will take you to the Fresh ID site, so just click back to return.

User Experience Planning

 Journey Map
 Visual Design with Dev Notes

Integrated Product Suites

These applications are a combination of Windows or Linux-based apps and web apps, some of them integrated together, and all of them using a web-based console I was hired to design. I’ve designed apps for every type of hardware except the Mac desktop, ironically, since I design all of this on a Mac. 🙂

 SigmaFlow (UE Manager role)
 PentaSafe (UE Manager role, acquired by NetIQ)

Omni Channel

 Sporting Club Membership App
 Kansas City Chiefs 50th Anniversary

Web Applications

 nTier (acquired by Lumigent and that redesign is here too)
 ESP by W5
 Publishers Clearing House
 Right Clinic (WordPress, App Design)

Social Apps

I’m a social mashup, real-time event enabler. And a semi-frequent Twitterer (or tweeter?) these days, though in the Golden Age of Twitter Forbes called me “the prom queen of online design, usability and branding”… frankly that was a little weird. 😉

 Intefy (Mine: a Live Event App that was in market, now EOL)
 Livestrong-SKC Live Announcement
 Ochocinco Soccer Trial
 John Deere-Chip Foose Live Unveiling
 unGeeked Elite Paid Online Event
 WUFC (Community for female soccer fans I founded and NYT wrote about)


 Shirtee Interactive Simulation (a Mobile App Concept at inVision)
 Fan Haul (Mine: Prototype/Concept not produced)
 Job Knocks (Mine: Prototype with a developer we did not produce)
 Executive Dashboard Wireframe
 Zodiac Girls (Mine: Mobile App concept)
SM Dashboard (Mine: social analytics concept)


It is hard to draw a line sometimes between a website and a web app, as many of my sites have contained some advanced functionality like a calculator people can purchase (The Content Formula), ecommerce capability or courses people can buy. I push WordPress to its absolute limits at times.

 The Content Formula (Ecommerce Site, Calculator App, Books, Marketing)
 Arrowhead (NFL) (Stadium Site)
 Livestrong Sporting Park (MLS) (Stadium Site)
 Building Dragons (Landing Page, Books, Marketing)
 Ultimate Field Guide to Digital Program Management (Landing Page, Books, Marketing)
 Healthiest Kids University (Course Site done for another agency)


User Experience Ideas for Adult Camp (done as contractor for another agency)
 Big Data Product Branding & Investor Pitch
 Social Media Analysis Services (a Fresh ID service at one time)
 New Restaurant Planning/Investor Pitch
 Lifetiles (Channel Branding Plan, Marketing)
 Kansas City Chiefs (Social, Internal Sites & Mini-Apps – I was on a 3 year retainer with them)


How all this stuff gets done: Fresh Practices and My Process
 To see a larger portfolio visit Fresh ID