Shirtee (Mobile)

This is a native mobile app prototype I did for a prospective employer, that is a good example of how I approach any application design… with a real effort to try to simplify tasks and interactions. I wrote a blog post on my process and you can see the interactive prototype at inVision.

shirtee screens

Fan Haul (Web App)

Fan Haul is a product prototype of a social media product I designed but was never put into production. The purpose was to provide content marketers with lots of fans to reward (like sports teams) an easy way to post offers and award prizes to people.



Kiku (Web App Brand)

The Kiku product for the big data industry was put on hold to focus on something else, so I did not get to the point of actually designing the product prototype. But I developed a lot of branding for them to pitch investors and use online, because it was intended to be designed when I was first commissioned.

Soccer Analytics (Web App)

I can’t show much of this as the product is on hold while he seeks investors, but I designed this interactive prototype that the founder pitched to a major league using inVision.

Vertec Polymers (Site Redesign)

Uncommon Relics (Ecommerce Site)

Job Knocks (Web App)

Zodiac Girls (Mobile)

SM Dashboard (Web App)

While at PentaSafe and SigmaFlow I also produced many product prototypes, in the style of product branding I had designed. Those samples are in the Product Suites.