I conducted a comprehensive User Experience Analysis and created a Journey Map before designing some alternate prototypes for VisualCV, a web application that makes the ordinary paper resume a relic of the past.

I looked for points of trouble where users would likely experience aggravation or bail out of the signup or creation process, and made a visual map of what we found to guide developers and managers through the experience from a user’s perspective. I also went on-site and talked to developers about changes, taking screenshots and adding developer notes on them to make points quickly that they could respond to and we could brainstorm new solutions for on the spot.

• Identified errors and stoppages that might cause the user to become frustrated or quit setup
• Set the journey map up as an HTML site on their servers so any stakeholder could view it internally & navigate the sections while working on issues
• Created some template design ideas
• Consulted with the engineering team on-site to give them recommendations for design and usability improvements that their team implemented

uxp-visualcv uxp-visualcv-signup