home-samples-sigmaflowI did too much at Sigmaflow as User Experience Manager to show, but here are the key contributions:

• Updated the logo to be more sophisticated without changing it much to retain brand equity
• Insights, the web application I was primarily hired to create, sold over $150k in the first 6 months available
• Integrated over 7 Windows-based products visually and in taxonomy to coordinate with the Insights web app
• Created dozens of new product prototypes and to update older products
• Designed, developed and maintained the site in HTML (this was pre-CMS popularity)
• Redid all the branding, including marketing collateral, presentations, stationary, business cards etc.
• Created hundreds of icons and visual standards for many types of graphs and charts
• Maintained a Product Design Guide for our dev team in Pakistan, who I worked with to execute designs
• Created a new tradeshow booth, and the interesting thing here is the use of the color green – in a competitive study, I saw all the booths in a room by competitors were blue, except for one that was purple, so I insisted we use green as the predominant color to stand out and be seen though the owner preferred blue
• Created new packaging so the OOBE was more professional

In 2013, several years after I left, Sigmaflow was not acquired exactly, but given a significant capital investment for equity and now appears to be owned by Teakwood Capital (not sure.)

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This is an example of chart standards and how I communicated these to the devs.

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