This awesome video, created by Google Analytics and shared by our friend Mr. Blanchard 5 years ago, is still so spot on in 2016 it will make you laugh out loud.

If you own an ecommerce site or business, you need to realize pure and utter disgust happens even faster on your own sites, than in this brilliant video, if the buying experience is not efficient, non-painful or the best case scenario: surprisingly delightful in comparison to other online purchasing experiences.

Want to do something fun and informative with your staff? Stage your own “checkout in real-life” and follow the process your buyers go through – this works for retail checkouts also, or phone purchases… no one should know before you do the problems, glitches and workarounds it takes to buy something from your company. Tape it to share and remember later, and once you make improvements, you can do this again and see if there really is a significant change for the better – or just a minor one that’s not going to really impact sales.

If you’re a company that needs help with this, give me a shout! I do user experience assessment and virtual visual merchandising as well as ecommerce site design. 🙂

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