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Working on so many integrated product suites, I have often had the need to communicate lots of standards – visual images, graphics and icons, or wording choices like labels and taxonomies, or the way we do certain common functions (like Deleting something.)

The best way I have found to do this is via both presentations/discussion and an online, always updated guide that I call a PDG (product design guide.)

Here are some samples. The beauty of doing the PDG via HTML or WordPress is that you update it quickly and can also have downloadable images for developers in any country to access. It is not enough to merely post this online – you will also need to communicate with developers and not expect them to have read through all of these things on their own and then this is a reference they can return to or you can point them to again and again as they work.






This is an example of some of the details that went into the SigmaFlow chart designs.

graph_colors chart_samples

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