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I am working to get all of the Fresh Practices with stories, example documents and research info online. For now, only pages that have an arrow next to them contain content.


 UE Plan
 Impact Audit
 Information Architecture
 Journey Map


– Product Suites
– Acquired Products
– Partners/OEM/Channel
– Collateral
UI Design
– Omni Channel
– Icon Design
– Visual Prototype
– Simulated Prototype
– Dev Notes
Product Design Guide
Product Integration


 My Process
UXP Requirements
UXP Design Review
Stakeholder Signoff
 Beta Program
Areas of Influence
– Documentation
– Product Marketing
– Customer Service
– Distribution
– Sales
EOL (End of Life)


Usability Analysis
Task Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Usability Lab
– Formal User Testing
– Informal User Testing
Field Study
Field Recon
Getting Started Guides
Help Center
OOBE (Out Of Box Experience)