If you are an ad agency, I have some specific examples of my work where Fresh ID (all creative and uxp led by me) had to extend the brand of well-known organizations, like a pro sports team or John Deere. I have also designed many social campaigns and digital assets, apps and sites for other agencies or working with an Agency of Record for the client, so these are probably more pertinent to you than my other integrated software or small business branding examples.

Pro Sports Apps/Sites

WordPress Application | Omni-Channel

WordPress Mini Apps
We re-used the code for: http://www.freshid.com/1/chiefs-hs-coach-of-the-year

WordPress Stadium Sites

Social Experiences & Campaigns

My App: Intefy

This next example is how I landed SKC as a client

We helped them do this as a free live online event spontaneously when I saw a player from Africa tweet he had never had a snowball fight, and wanted fans to go play in the snow with him the next day. It was around 10 at night – our whole Fresh ID team was snowed in so we weren’t even around the downtown spot where this happened. But before noon the next day we had organized a friend to go with iPhone to video it, another friend/photographer to take photos and created a page on Intefy for the event, which we managed online. It was REALLY fun. That player, Kei, wound up taking everyone to Chipotle for lunch afterward and SKC’s video crew showed up to make a pro clip for it.

Live Online Press Conference App

This concept was based on Intefy, but with custom design/more stuff. The Chiefs digital manager found me the night after we pulled this off and hired us because of doing this event. Because of the Livestrong connection, we had to keep this secret and not let anything get leaked. Lance came to town for it, and his plane was late so we had to fill time on social media while not losing fans that were tuning in to watch. The purpose for doing this, is that we got to put on a full stadium naming experience in public, when local tv only covered a few minutes of it. Now the FB Live and everyone is online all the time, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but this was 5 years ago. We had viewers from around the world, which we watched in real time using Woopra analytics.

We re-used the code for another spontaneous event when Ochocinco auditioned for SKC during an NFL lockout:

Co-Branded Contest for Chiefs and Motorola

John Deere/Chip Foose Live Reveal

St. Luke’s Social Campaign (to raise money for low income clinic – I art directed video, photoshoot & we did print pieces too)

Facebook Promo for Ad Agency (featuring one of my favorite dogs in the world: Boulder Meers)

As a UXP Consultant

My design/uxp activities with their developers and product managers

Visual CV User Journey

Publisher’s Clearing House – app design for backend contest data entry

Sourcefire (before they sold to Cisco for over $2B


Movie Site

Movie Contest


More can be seen at:

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